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Motion Graphics

Custom Designed Websites

Your solution if you like to be hands-off and more intense design! Just click on any of the logos to be brought to the site.

Weebly Client Management Systems Implementations

Need to be able to edit your site on the fly?  I can customize a Weebly template for you and hand over the reins!

Wix Client Management Systems Implementations

Wix now has solutions where your flash website will display on PC and Android devices, HTML-mobile optimized sites will display on Apple devices!

Email Marketing

MailChimp or AWeber are very good choices for email marketing. If you're sending out a paper newsletter, it's difficult to analyze results and costly to print. Talk with me about how I can save you money while giving you valuable marketing insight!

Business Card Design

Angie at ExtendedOffice needed a new business card design that meshed with her website design - KLSC was able to help her with the whole package; website redesign, web video and business card.   We cut her costs into a 1/3 and printed the cards on a clear plastic - neat way  to stand out in a crowd and stay professional!  (Where you see the checkerboard is actually clear plastic!)

Business Collaterol Package

Simek Consulting - Everyhing from business cards to a new invoice template. Concentrate on running your business, not creating marketing collateral!

Email Newsletter

Visitors can sign up for a subscription to Get Graced & subsequent email newsletters.

Newsletter Advertisement & QR Code Use

Our most recent project with APS is developing 3 new ads and corresponding web pages.  I also work with APS in utilizing their ACT sales database for email marketing and lead generation.  Check out Linkedin for my referaral from APS's prior-owner, Stuart Simek.

Video helps illustrate just what Fuel Your Fight Foundation is all about!  If you know someone battling cancer in Minnesota, check this organization out!

ExtendedOffice also has several examples of motion graphics to help sell her capabilities - the first is an HTML animation on her home page to help direct her visitor to the appropriate section of the site, second and third are videos illustrating her capabilities for different market channels.

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